Time for me to FLY

My name is DRACO -> i fly around with a Flight Attendant -> i will be documenting HER travels

Friday, December 22, 2006

DRACO will fly again

a while back
DRACO lost an ear
i looked but could not find it
i have been knitting stockings so i didn't have time to
knit a new ear for DRACO
how long does a dragon ear take
anyways ..
last weekend i knit 2
then comes the dilemma
HOW to felt them
they are kinda small
TOOO much of a waste of water AND energy to wait
and felt in the washer
then it hit me as i was heating water for tea
use some of the HOT water & cup
in a 2nd cup
add water & ice
dip the ears from one to another
add a but of friction
so, i felted the new ears
as i am packing to go
i find the ear DRACO lost in my RON bag
now the ears are sewn on tight
the wings were starting to come loose
THEY are on tight too
so, on Sat Dec 23
DRACO will fly again
he is happy to NOT be spending Christmas at home alone
he is excited about the NEW places i go in Jan
i gotta finish packing
got knitting packed