Time for me to FLY

My name is DRACO -> i fly around with a Flight Attendant -> i will be documenting HER travels

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

found the disposable camera

when i went to Chicago with Yolanda
i bought a disposable camera to take pix

found it
need to develop it
then i can post the pix here

add something else to the list of things
to do NEXT week

time to pack

this month my show time is 1:30 PM
every time i leave
you know me
i wait till the last minute
sheets & towels are in the washer
roller board is almost empty
RON bag needs to be filled
got knitting ready to go but NOT packed
since i don't know IF I will have a fridge
not packing food

NEW place for DRACO

DRACO finally gets to go somewhere new
he is excited
will take pix of MOLINE IL so you can see the
new place to visit
also get to go to Atlanta GA
there will be knitting time
working with Cpt JJ & Karen
four days
haven't met the FO