Time for me to FLY

My name is DRACO -> i fly around with a Flight Attendant -> i will be documenting HER travels

Thursday, July 06, 2006

in the beginning ...

WELL .. my "MOM" is a Flight Attendant
she has seen passengers take pictures with small toys to document their travels
she has considered doing this ..
she thinks it's a KEWL idea
my "MOM" knits ..
she has some STRANGE friends that "think outside the box"
it ALL started on
for THIS exchange,
mom & her friends are knitting a toy
my "MOM" picked this toy to knit for the "TOY Exchange"
mom started the TOY on Thur June 15th
she finished knitting it on WED July 5th
some of the assembly was done during the knitting process
the assembly & face were completed on July 5th
her friend Chris,
said to make the Dragon,
it should be glittery
because EVERYONE knows,
dragons are mystical & glittery
well .. when the Dragon for the exchange was done
it is 30" tip of tail to top of head
it stands about 16"
MOM wants one for herself
it would be fun to take it with her whereEVER she travels
the Dragon could EVEN have it's own Blog
this dragon is WAY to big to travel ..
so MOM decided to make a smaller one ..
.. ME ..
to take with her on her travels ..
doin' the math,
I would STILL be 10" long
so she called her friend NANCY who REALLY thinks outside the box
Nancy said, knit it with feltable Fingering Weight
USE # 3 needles
then, for added PIZAZZ
.. use metalic thread with it ..
so, the concept of ME was born
mom is heading to Joanne's to get thread
she HAS needles
she HAS yarn ..
she still has the pattern
of course,
she WILL be making changes as she goes